The Language of Desire By Felicity Keith And Michael Fiore

Women have tried various techniques to get their men in the moment while they are having sex. Sex behavioral psychologists have strongly suggested dirty talks at the top of the list on the secrets to seducing a man. It is true because men have a unique attraction to porn and in some occasion leave their real partners on the bend for a moment with the woman on the screen. The only real thing is the sound that comes out of the movie and that answers the question. Being able to get the right sound and the right language will create the bridge of intimacy and passion that women need. The answer is in The Language of Love. Here is the Language of Desire review that you must read before you get a copy.

The Language of Desire

The language of desire book is a relationship guide that is created by Felicity Keith. It is developed from a real woman who suffered the same problem most women suffer and did her research to come up with a viable solution that puts an end to the problem. It is a program that is made for every women including the shyest, the most conservative, and innocent with the single intention of getting their men back to them. You can get the course in a PDF format or MP3 that comes in a 60 day money back guarantee.

the language of desire bookYou will get ten modules in the complete guide of the program. You can apply the module as you continue learning. The first module takes you through how to become charming through the eyes of your man, the second module equips you with the skills to take erotic control of your erotic restrictions and put in full strength. You will learn how to acquire porn destroyer techniques and gain primal sex focus while unleashing your sensual prowess and take control in the third and fourth module. Sensualist action among other skills will be developed to bring the relationship back to life.


This product has been created out of a woman’s experience. The information that you get from the program are from someone who went through the same experience and did her research to come up with a formula that works. It is not a pedestrian or purely research based program.

The skills can be easily learnt. You can listen to the MP3 while you are doing your chores or read the PDF book through your tablet at the time of your convenience.

The information is powerful and refreshing. Powerful because it is from the horse’s mouth or a woman who has overcome the same problem you are going through and refreshing because Felicity Keith takes practical approach and understating to give solutions.

The book comes with a risk free 100% money back guarantee if it does not work. Spending your money on the product is not a risk because you will get back what you put in if it does not work. Talk of confidence in the product.

The approach to overcoming the problems is well documented and presented in a step to step easy to follow way. You do not need to sit down in a library and scribble notes. You simply follow the MP3 as your apply the skills that are prescribed practically.


The book serves single and unmarried women better. Married women can employ some of the valuable insight from their books in their relationships but they will not reap the maximum benefits that singles will because the approach favors people who are not married.

The other disadvantage is that you can only get the product in electronic format. You will either get it in PDF or MP3. You cannot get hard copies such as paper books unless you create it on your own.


From the Language of Desire review and other review, there is no loss in trying out the product. From its approach to solving the problem and the background and philosophy involved, there can never a better approach to solving a man’s psychological sexual problems from a woman’s perspective. The material is backed by research and embodied on practical application. It also comes from the right source of insight into overcoming these relationship issues. This is a product that is worth your money.